23 March 2013

Talk about "branding" ~ great example!

Hi everyone! Thanks for your nice notes and patience as I waited for COX to rewire my office to fix the failed Internet problem. We're back and up and running again!

So first I noticed this nicely painted van all coordinated with "Boar's Head" colors - black and red. I love the gold lettered "Provisions" on the back. To me it looks like some old fashioned British food purveyor's sign. Then I noticed that even their license plate advertises their product: BOARZHD. Clever!


  1. Glad you're back!

  2. Rewiring the office, sheesh, how come it couldn't be a simple "ctrl-alt-delete" fix on your keyboard?! Welcome back!

    This is a fun photo, and I laughed to see that you categorize it under: Random Weird Things!

  3. Yes, mine was no simple fix. They had to run a new cable over the roof, across my back patio, and then drill a hole into my office wall! Holy Toledo!