20 September 2009

Gorgeous ~ Ford Skyliner

Here's another beauty that was on display at the Friday night "Cruisin" (see yesterday's post for all details). This two-tone model is still definitely a head-turner ~ absolutely beautiful. The Skyliner convertible was revolutionary for its day. Ahh.... this was a time when cars had real style.
Read its fascinating history: http://www.antiquecar.com/gc_ford_skyliner.php


  1. Ah, the memories. We had a 1957 Ford Fairlane, 4-dr hardtop...great looker, but kind of a lemon with a front windshield no one could get to stop leaking...finally sold it...

  2. It was a great era for cars. All the manufacturers were willing to take chances on design. That article I posted said Ford spent $2 MILLION dollars (in the 1950's) working on that retractable roof design.