02 September 2009

Meet Lovely Lucretia....

Thanks to a good friend of mine who works at the fabulous Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, these wonderful photos of Lucretia were sent my way. Lucretia is an adopted Desert Tortoise and from the looks of her gourmet meal I think she must be pretty darn happy in her new habitat. To learn more about how you can adopt a Desert Tortoise, click here:

And if you have an extra minute, do also check out my posting of August 10 for a photo of a HUGE Desert Tortoise in Tucson - a remarkable creature indeed!
Photos courtesy of Jerry Weinert.


  1. The Tortoise Adoption Program is a great way to help out the tortoises who need homes! And a tortoise adds so much personality to the yard~it's like having a bit of the wild desert right outside the back door.
    Thanks for posting these and for the link to the Desert Museum's program.

  2. Thanks for your comment! I hope that lots of folks who admire Lucretia think about creating a backyard burrow and applying to adopt one!