11 November 2012

Colorful, cheerful, fun - yes, a hospital!

I have not been at St Joe's in awhile and I was delighted to see this fun paint treatment/mural on the building's exterior. Very welcoming and optimistic wall art! The hospital is part of the Carondelet Health Network.


  1. I love this and am so glad you shared it. I had no idea they'd done this and it is wonderful. Thank you for showing be some beauty and giving me a reason to smile. Much appreciated. Pat (K9RUL)

  2. Hey Pat! Thanks for stopping by. Just to let you know that this is a COMMUNITY site in the sense that I am very happy to post photos submitted by followers. Photo credit is always given. So if you spot something weird, wonderful, or fun, by all means send it along with its story and I will be delighted to display it.

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