15 November 2012

Cactus - big and little

The stout little barrel cactus is an interesting contrast beside this mighty saguaro. And I noticed that the doorway's wood slabs are slightly curved... makes me wonder what they were salvaged from. 


  1. How well I remember the saguaro growing out in the desert around Tucson. They were telephone-pole tall and the home of many birds who somehow perched on them without getting stuck. I loved the adobe homes and walls around them. I never got used to dumping out my shoes and looking under the pillow before I laid down – scorpions were everywhere and I suppose, still are.

  2. I think this is my favorite photo of all. Of all the things I have stored in my memory from my trips to Tucson, the saguaros are it. I love to draw and paint their interesting forms.

  3. Wow, that big guy is massively fat-plump with stored water!! Ready for next summer, eh?! I think the little guy is looking up with a "gee whiz, dad, I want to grow up just like you" look on his VERY stickery face :-) And that gate is quite intriguing, can't think where that curved wood would be salvaged from...a story is there...