22 January 2012

Mmmmm - it's that special time of year! Girl Scout Cookies!

Some things never change and that's good! Girl Scout Brianna rang my doorbell and asked me if I would like to buy some Girl Scout cookies (easy question to answer). She had quite a good system set up. Her dad hauls the many-flavors inventory on a Radio Flyer wagon as they go door to door. Along to help was her cousin Alorah, who was wearing her Brownie vest.


  1. OMG! I didn't know that they still sold cookies the old fashioned way ~ that's wonderful. I've gotten used to seeing Scouts at tables in front of Fry's while the hovering moms seem to do the selling. Good for Brianna & Alorah!

  2. i'll take a box of thin mints please! we don't get the girl scouts coming door to door but they will sit up a stand in front of kroger and i'll buy a few boxes!

  3. Yep, Thin Mints for me, too. And Trefoils. Those are my 2 favorites.