05 December 2009

Why can't javelina mind their manners?

Back in November I posted a photo of the results of a javelina herd stomping around in my front yard. They ate & ran (leaving behind a prized pumpkin in their hurry to escape). Last night they visited again. The top photo shows what I saw when I opened my front door. They ate my big philodendron - leaves, stems, roots, and DIRT! And then they deposited the empty pot on my doormat.
They also uprooted ice plants, overturned asparagus fern, and they figured out how to open my sealed tub of bird seed. Look closely at the lower photo and you'll see TWO javelina (one is behind the tree). What a mess! And they left smudges of dirt on my front door ~ I guess they bumped into it with their noses.


  1. Oh my, that is a very rude paid of uninvited guests!

  2. Hey Sharon, It wasn't just them ~ they had friends! I saw four javelina and there may have been more lurking behind the fence when I ran out with my camera. And boy did they ever GALLOP away when they saw me!