13 July 2012

Another "Where is this?" contest!

Squares squared! Attention loyal followers ~ you can either be the first to identify where this building is in Tucson OR you can take a guess at WHAT it is. Either/or. Winner will receive one of the totally fun, "Monday Already?" t-shirts! Good luck.


  1. I'm stumped this time! although somehow there are a few familiar elements...I'll really have to look around town. Thanks for the challenge.

  2. glad you're back. Missed the daily fix! I now know where this is! but my lips are sealed. Funny...I NEVER get over to that part of town but did last Saturday and just happened to look over and see this. Didn't even hit me what I was looking at but all of a sudden I turned to my husband and shouted "that's the mystery location on Daily Photo"!

  3. Hi Ellen, Do you ever listen to the NPR radio show, "Whatdoyouknow?" on Saturday? They always have a contest and he tells previous winners to "sit on their hands and give someone else a chance." I was surprised that NO ONE posted a guess on this one! Maybe I'll repost it in a month or two.... Thanks for your note. Your husband must think you are nuts!! (: