24 July 2013

Amazing! Astonishing! You MUST see this!

You will absolutely not believe how this human orchestra creates the sound of a magnificent monsoon storm! This is what we are hearing in Tucson ~ but we get the real H2O. Check this out and be surprised....


  1. I have been in Tucson for a week and on my drive to my mom's, saw the 6/10,6/13, and the post for the drive thru flower shop that used to be a pharmacy. I have been walking every morning with my tdp shirt on and saw a horse tire swing!(6/6 post. Have seen a lot of other things that have been posted also on those walks. Will be here another 2 weeks. Can't wait to find more.
    Kathy from Boston

  2. D-
    Do you know this web sight?:


  3. Dear Kathy, Welcome to Tucson! I am THRILLED that you are putting the images in context! That makes me feel great - thank you!