27 March 2018

$1,000 Reward - Have you seen this pup?

This little cutie, Cooper, has been STOLEN. The owners are devastated and are offering a $1,000 reward. Maybe you have noticed that one of your neighbors has a new pup or you work at a vet office or a grooming facility....  If you can help reunite Cooper with his family, you will be REWARDED. Thanks for keeping an eye out. PLEASE - anyone in Tucson reading this, could you forward this info to your vet, your groomer, and post it on your Facebook page? The more we can spread the word about Cooper the better the chance of reuniting him with his family. Thanks! 


  1. It would break my heart if my dog was stolen or lost. Let us know what develops!

  2. Neighbors are circulating posters everywhere but he has been gone now for a month. At this point we need a big dose of LUCK at, for instance, a groomer or a vet office to match up their "new client" with this photo. ):