12 January 2021

Calm in the Face of Chaos

I have to wince when I look at my last posting. I optimistically predicted a "Glorious New Year." I have been riveted to the news and am now offering this tranquil Tucson skyscape to bring an image of calm to you.

So far, I can't imagine much worse of a start to 2021. Rioters who have been fed dangerous lies are trying to turn our country upside down and inside out. This is as much of a crisis as 9/11. In fact, perhaps it is worse. Many Americans have embraced violence against other Americans as the answer to their troubles. And as to all of those people who honestly believe that the incoming President is participating in a Satanic Pedophile Ring..... I am beyond horrified. How have we gotten to this point? 



  1. Hopefully this whole thing has peaked and we can start to move away from this kind of America.

    2021 has been weird out the gate, but there's plenty of game left to play.