13 October 2010

A rose by any other name ~

In recent months I've posted many of the fantastic full-wall-size murals painted by Joe Pagac and displayed at the Rialto Theatre to advertise upcoming bands. Yes, for MONTHS he had been painting them and everyone (well, nearly everyone - read on) enjoyed the murals. That is until a band named "The New Pornographers" was scheduled. So interesting that THEIR mural went up (no nudity whatsoever) and lo and behold, the Rialto rec'd a notice that the mural must come down as it was in violation of the City's sign code (as was presumably every other mural that had been displayed for many months).

So, in answer to that still unresolved dust up, Bookman's has THIS mural on display at its Grant & Campbell location. For a really fun video that shows Joe Pagac in time lapse photography creating a mural, click here. Fun!


  1. There seems to be SO MUCH wrong with the city government. I hope that people like me who are disgusted with things will get out and vote!! VOTE! It's your right!

  2. Sounds like a petty bureaucrat decided to throw his/her weight around. Petty! Petty! But those kind of people are hired, not elected. And it seems like they never never get FIRED.

  3. It would have been great if the city had made their point about the violation and then waived it. The media would have loved reporting that good downtown news. I saw the mural for that band and it was actually witty - and both people were fully clothed. Go figure.