29 January 2011

Something old is new again ~

A few months ago I posted an image of this building while it was still "in the works" of being renovated and here it is now - the Roy Place Building on Pennington & Stone. The building has been restored to its 1928 design complete with cast stone window treatments, cornices, and operable steel windows. Roy Place was an architect most famous for the Pima County Courthouse building. This building will provide space for the U of A College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture.


  1. I remember this used to be a Walgreen's (and it was just another plain & ordinary building). This is encouraging to see that there are some things that are going right with revitalizing the downtown area.

  2. it's a beautiful building. I love to see these old buildings restored and reused.

  3. Lovely building - glad they restored it!