07 January 2011

Trains, tracks, & transportation ~

Tucson is an important transportation hub ~ moving goods to the seaports in California and Mexico and transporting items north to Canada and all points east. Union Pacific railway maintains a major yard in Tucson. Is it just me or does everyone love hearing the sound of a train whistle?


  1. This made me think about the tracks that run right next to I10 when you get close to Tucson from the north. About 5 years ago, I moved back into the heart of Phoenix after living in Mesa for a period of time. One of the first things I noticed is that I could hear train whistles late at night when the city is quieter. I found it soothing to have that sound to count on each night.

  2. Do many people in the US use rail travel themselves?

  3. Hi WDP, I know that Amtrak comes through the historic Tucson train depot but I've never taken the train. The train station, as local lore will tell, is haunted with a young lady in clothing from the late 1800's and also with two gunslingers who make appearances from time to time. Cool, yes?