07 March 2011

Frost? No problem with these "Everbloom" flowers ~

These bright metal versions of blooming prickly pear and ocotillo cacti caught my eye ~ they are so cheery! With the recent cold snaps and snow most of my garden will need to be replaced and it has gotten me to thinkng that metal plants might be a pretty good idea ~I would have flowers all year round - frost or no frost.


  1. Thanks your interesting blog I can have my memories back from my trip to Tucson!
    Have a nice forthcoming week,
    Ps. This metal plant is fun!

  2. Last weekend I took a walk at our Desert Botanical Garden and was shocked at all the freeze damage I saw. Hopefully the plants and cacti can recover. These look like they can stand up to anything.

  3. I love that art form here. I am thinking about it down the road. They really add a punch to the garden.