19 July 2011

Spools on Speedway ~

There is a road widening project underway on Speedway between Camino Seco and Houghton. These giant spools are part of the work but I can't guess the purposes of the different colored cables.


  1. Better leave it to the professionals!;-))
    Nice against the sky.

  2. Looks great against the cloudy sky. Nice capture

  3. They are spools of continuous flexible conduit, used instead of labor intensive and leak prone gluing together of pvc pipe as in years past.

    Different colors make it far easier later to identify what conduit run has been exposed, damaged, or needs to be intercepted instead of trying to guess which of too many gray pipes you've just exposed.

    Colors are also assigned for marking locations of underground utility types as well, though perhaps not applicable in this case, the green being too small for a sewer pipe.

    When you see painted markings on the pavement near construction sites, they mark the approximate location of underground utilities. Red=electric, yellow=gas, green=sewer (storm or sanitary)blue=water, orange=telephone/catv. Surveyors construction related markings are usually pink or white.