29 July 2011

Team Tucson ~

As the 9th installment of the "Team Tucson" feature, I am pleased to introduce you to Hirotsune (Hiro) Tashima. "Team Tucson" showcases people who make Tucson a great place to live and I'm happy to tell you about Hiro.

Hiro is standing beside a huge bunny sculpture that will focus attention to Michael Perry Park (Golf Links & Pantano). If you scroll back to my post of July 16 you'll see the unpainted bunny and bat. Now the fun sculpture is getting closer to being completed.

Hiro is a ceramist/sculptor (and professor at PCC) and he collaborated with metal artist Jason Butler to create the bunny, bat, and a baseball-throwing turtle. Stand by for more photos tomorrow!

THIS JUST IN: Hiro told me the TV news just did a feature on this. Click here.

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