23 April 2012

Community Beauty Project ~

The neighborhood surrounding the corner of Glenn & Columbus created a wonderful art display! It is part mosaic, part 3-D sculpture, and part bench for just sitting and relaxing. The wonderful animals include a turtle, roadrunner, lizard and desert tortoise. This corner is colorful and fun and a neighborhood project of beauty. What a great job they did! Scroll down for the names of all participants.


  1. Beautiful, colorful, artistic desert corner! I want to go and put my hand on the desert tortoise and lizard, and feel the sun-warmth that's coming from that gigantic sun over the mountain on the wall! Thank you to these Tucson artists for brightening a mid-town street corner.

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth, for your note. I, too, was grateful that this big group of people put so much energy, imagination, love, and time into this neighborhood project.

  3. I lived on this side of town for 2 years in the Hazen townhomes south of the intersection. I miss taking walks to the park with the kids and hubby. I will miss seeing this cool landmark on Columbus and Glenn.