26 September 2016

Where IS Margaritaville in Tucson? Day 3!

Day 3:  OK, all is revealed.....  if you use the Campbell Avenue entrance to La Encantada and park on the upper level, you will see this crossroads sign at the top of the stairs that descend to the "main level" with the Apple Store, J Jill, and L'Occitane. The directional is encouraging you to stop at The Living Room to have a tequila libation. No winners for this "Where is this?"  - too bad!!

Day 2: Not a single guess! I wonder if there are no margarita drinkers out there!! OK - this fun informational sign is north of River Road and East of Oracle. Guesses, anyone? 

Happy day! It is time once again for a "Where is this?" contest. For anyone who is new to this site, this contest is easy to play. The first person who correctly identifies the location of this fun road sign wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Take your best guess and good luck! 


  1. Stumped me but I would turn to the left if I was in front of this sign.

  2. Margaritas are Mahvalous! would absolutely turn left if I saw this sign...Jimmy Buffett's got to be around here somewhere...