28 February 2010

Ahh ... Sky of Blue and Sea of Green ~ in our Yellow Submarine

Eyecatching paint job and eyecatching custom license plate on this land-locked Yellow Submarine. Fun! And in a world where anything is possible, if you love the Beatles and you love this song, you can have it as a ringtone! Here you go....


  1. As I scrolled through this blog post, I couldn't help but imagine the sheer joy of cruising down the streets in that vibrant Yellow Submarine. The custom license plate was a brilliant touch, adding a personal flair to the already eye-catching paint job. It's like a tangible piece of Beatles magic, and now I can't wait to set "Yellow Submarine" as my new ringtone to carry a piece of this whimsical experience with me wherever I go.

  2. What a whimsical sight! The vivid blue and green hues on the land-locked Yellow Submarine truly bring the Beatles' lyrics to life. Reminds me of a summer road trip where we stumbled upon a quirky roadside attraction, creating memories that still make me smile. Kudos to the owner for adding a touch of musical nostalgia to their journey.