25 April 2010

Invisible Lizard ~

I spotted this desert lizard next to my driveway and it stayed totally still as I took a few photos. Can anyone identify this one? I went to the awesome online photo library of the AZ Sonora Desert Museum but couldn't find an exact match.


  1. Hi Diane -

    The lizard in question is a Desert Spiny Lizard (Sceloporus magister), quite ubiquitous in the Tucson area. Wehave one in our yard maned Mini G (Mini Godzilla) who has been coming in to be fed for5 years. We can actually call this lizard in! He loves mealworms and goes crazy over crickets (Crickets are to lizards what lobster is to humans). We just saw him for the first time this season last week. Right now, he's pretty busy keeping his territory (our back yard - also called Jurassic Cafe) free of any other interloping male spinys.

    Continuing great job on the website!


  2. Hey there, I should have known that you and Katie would have one of these critters trained! I'm also sure that you two must have some great photos of Mini G... send along & I'll post! (:
    Thanks ~ hope to see you soon.