06 April 2010

Tucson's adorable "Reds" ~ baby javelina!!

Photos courtesy of Linda Wallace-Gray.

Oh boy! Baby javelina! These little cuties were born just a few days ago (see the cord still attached to one). The babies are called "reds." The javelina (pecari tajacu) enjoy dining on prickly pear cactus - spines and all. Isn't spring in the desert great?

This month the Desert Museum's member newsletter is all about javelina (and what a great cover photo!). Click on www.desertmuseum.org to learn more about these interesting vegetarians.


  1. Fantastic shots! The babies are so cute!

  2. Do u have one of them being born. Were going a class project and u cent seem to find one? mjlgarcia.4@gmail.com