08 April 2010

Tucson's parking lot art ~

I have posted other images from the Midway Business Park (Speedway near Swan) and here is one more remarkable piece of sculpture that would be easy to miss as you drive by. This Native American astride a horse is the centerpiece of the parking lot. I walked around but didn't see any information on the name of the artist or the title of the piece. If you know more, let me know! The other equine sculpture (I posted one in March) are easier to spot as they are close to the street. Those horses are very modern in style - quite a mix of art at this business location!


  1. I like it. But then I always like it when towns and cities feature their indigenous peoples.

  2. Southwest cities include incredible art all over, and this is great!

    PS. I'm on my way back to Saint Paul from Santa Fe, without ready access to internet so I have not been commenting much lately. I am still posting from SF since I scheduled it before we left. So sad to leave such beauty.