19 July 2010

Changing the world - with a pillowcase

I am thrilled to post the third in the series of "Team Tucson" ~ the people who make this a great place to live.

Meet Garnet Adair, a true force of nature, who directs some of her considerable energy into the "Dress a Girl Around The World" project. Garnet makes a difference in the lives of girls in poverty - orphaned girls, girls separated from their families, girls in distress. She sews beautiful dresses from PILLOWCASES. When she told me that some of the little girls in Haiti have not had a change of clothes since the earthquake, I nearly wept. Here's more information on how you can help: http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com/

Garnet works at Tucson Touch Therapies (3905 E Pima) and if you are inclined to clean out your linen closet and donate pillowcases and sheets to this project, girls around the world will benefit from your generosity. To make a difference all you need do is a little spring cleaning! If you can help, it would be fantastic. Thanks.