05 July 2010

More info about this "Who Knew?" sculpture ~

Original post from June 6, 2010: For years I have passed this sculpture in front of Tom's Furniture on Grant Road. It is close to the street but not so easy to see because of the foliage. I had always assumed it was some kind of kooky crustacean/shrimp/lobster sculpture... or maybe a big bug. When I got close to it I was amazed to see that it is a humanoid figure with a really elaborate headdress and jewelry. And what I always thought was some kind of carapace is really a glass/mosaic robe. Wow!

UPDATE: On June 21 the Star ran its own photo of this sculpture and now I can share that the artist was probably Jesus C Corral. The sculpture was a chimney for the Tia Elena restaurant (now long gone). Here's the full story: http://azstarnet.com/news/local/article_b47c4aac-9f17-5e68-87a6-606aee27a86d.html


  1. Kind of a weird thing to be in front of a furniture store. Looks like a depiction of an alien!

  2. A long time ago this place was a restaurant. Maybe the people who own Tom's will know the name of the restaurant or who did this sculpture.

    1. My great grandfather Jesus Corral made this sculpture. He has an autobiography called Caro Amigo.....

  3. I can understand why — you can only see the face when you're looking at it from the side. I thought it was some kind of alien, looking at your first photo. The sculpture's strange but also very cool. I like it.

  4. Actually, I remember eating at Tia Elena's in the late 70's and there were all kinds of interesting artworks both inside and outside of the restaurant. The food was good too!

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