07 February 2015

A Tucson beheading ~

Once again I find that something I covered years ago in Tucson has closed, disappeared, been painted over, or moved. Here is just the head and tongue of what was a grand, huge tile snake on Wrightstown Road. Now only the lonely head remains. I would hope that in some studio somewhere the body and tail are being repaired but by the looks of the freshly poured concrete median, I kind of doubt it. I think the snake has been beheaded and that is how it will stay. If you want to see another view of him from 2009, click here.


  1. So sad to see an art piece dismembered like this. I suppose because it is in a median, it's owned by the City and they can choose to keep it or not. I doubt that this would be done to the Snake Bridge over Broadway near downtown!

  2. I think I was particularly sad about this one because it had been a student project. I'm sure the school didn't have the money to maintain it. Too bad that some of the students' parents didn't offer to pay to maintain it. I believe the private sector has to step up, too!