15 February 2015

Paw/Love Gate: the full view

For those of you who saw yesterday's post of the heart-shaped paw print gate, here's the full picture. The gates are the entry to the Madera Veterinary Hospital which is way out east on Houghton Road. I also LOVE their larger-than-lifesize guard dog mascot! Great Dane? Mastiff? What do you think?


  1. Huge and imposing whatever it is!

  2. Just as long as it DOESN'T BARK!!!

  3. That is one imposing sentry on the wall!! Part mastiff, part Dane, perhaps. No chihuahuas, unless this is a Trojan Horse-Dog and the ankle biters will spill out to confound the enemy :-)) NOW the paw-heart on the gate makes a little more sense, it being the entryway to a vet's office. I see that "anonymous" hopes the sentry doesn't bark! Well....this beast looks to be carved of wood, but I can't see ANY evidence of the bark...hahaha!