11 August 2015

Amazing Live View of a Hummingbird Nest!

This amazing link will give you a live link to a webcam of a hummingbird nest that was built at the end of a data cable on the UA campus. They estimate the fledglings will leave the nest in just a few days. Scroll down to see the little ones testing out their wings - wonderful! Here's the link:

Link courtesy of Sue Dodson, Tucson realtor and supporter of this site. Thank you, Sue!


  1. Thanks so much for this webcam link!! It's mesmerizing and it's a HAPPY event, waiting for them to fledge. How random and cool their choice of nesting site -- I think they're trying to one-up the Eagle Nest cams that have been so popular!! Such a teeny-tiny home they have and it's on a swing, ha! but very well protected. Thanks, Sue!

  2. You're welcome, Elizabeth!
    I think hummingbirds are so amazing.This webcam is so close up...you can see them starting to use their tongues. It will be sad to see the empty nest in a few days but they are growing so fast.