06 August 2015

Tucson fire - Day to Night

Currently there is a wildfire blazing in the Catalina Mountains. The Finger Rock Fire has burned 150 acres so far but forest rangers say no structures are in danger. They are hoping that rain in the next day or so will put this fire out.


  1. Yes, my daughter alerted me to this and the night fire pictures posted online were spectacular! It was caused by lightening and not some poor lost untrained hiker trying to start a signal fire and it's remote enough not to need active fire suppression...time for a soaking monsoon right now!! I just looked on line and it rained today and seems that the fire it out. Were you there for the Catalina Fire that burned through Summerhaven? That was human caused and also caused tremendous damage and loss of forest. The fire is mesmerizing at night though, isn't it?

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Yes, I lived here when that blaze destroyed much of the little town of Summerhaven and many cottages. Things have been rebuilt, though, and it is still a favorite summer respite from the HEAT!!