02 August 2015

My Sunflower Skyscraper ~

Last month I posted this sunflower as a "work in progress." Its growth had eclipsed all of the other sunflowers I had growing in my garden. This heroic specimen ultimately reached a majestic 82 1/2" -- just a squeak below 7' tall! My neighbor's patio is on the other side of the fence and she claims that she could almost see this flower getting taller by the minute as she sat on her patio!  Beauty!


  1. what a beauty! how long will the bloom last?

  2. This baby lives up to her name SUNflower! Perhaps she's trying to push the big guy out of the sky and take her rightful place ;-)

  3. Hi there! The big bloom lasted about 5 days looking super and then it remained looking OK for a day or two before the petals began to drop off. The birds are enjoying the seeds.