06 January 2016

Drab to Fab - Part Two ~

A few months ago I posted photos of my wonderful custom totem poles that were installed on my sidewalk. Finally I completed replacing the last two poles on the patio. Here you can enjoy the before (regular old 4 x 4's) and the after (carved with flowers and accented with bright colors).  Oh - and that big blue thing in the background? It's a cement mixer! Every household should have one, right? It's for a job that was postponed because of the crazy RAIN that Tucson has been having. It is not often that work stops in Tucson due to rain. This too will pass. 


  1. This is a beautiful and artistic remodel of your porch! Good-bye 4x4s, hello totems :) It must be wonderful to have a cuppa coffee on that table! Haha on the cleverly concealed cement mixer! It's like trying to wrap a present so nobody knows what it is.

  2. Thank you! Yes, the mixer looks like a big smurf! I also did the table and chairs. I painted each chair a different color and replaced the seats with Mexican oil cloth in different colors/patterns. My next project is installing a chiminea (fire pot) so that I can have a fire going when it's cold. FUN! (: