03 January 2016

Fred, Tucson's Favorite Buffalo, says Goodbye!

An icon in Tucson for many years, Fred, the dapper and beloved buffalo perched atop Copper Country Antiques on Speedway, is leaving town. The store's owner, Phillip Gaillard, has closed the fun and funky antiques mall and will move to Dallas. Click here for a video clip of Phillip riding Fred as a crane lifts them from the store's roof to the parking lot. Goodbye, Fred! We will miss you and your fantastic costumes!


  1. Don't you hate to see icons like this removed; I suppose there's room for more in the future.

  2. Interesting news clip. I was trying to place it in my memory but after viewing the video, realized the buffalo came well after I moved away.

  3. Oh I am very sorry that they are out of business. They had a little cafe in the store that was fun. And Fred has been a star on this site many many times with his fantastic outfits! ):