23 May 2016

Tucson houses that can tell wild tales!

The Tucson Museum of Art utilizes these historic homes for gallery space. There are many distinctive homes on this block and two are highlighted here with memorable tales to bring them to life:

The Stevens-Duffield House - The original owner tried to shoot his wife but she was saved by the heavy silver comb she wore in her hair. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/stevens-duffield-house.php

The Corbett House - The owners of this Mission-style home (built in 1907) manufactured gin in their attic during Prohibition. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/j-knox-corbett-house.php

More houses and more stories as we continue tomorrow!
Next stop: Walk north on Main Street and turn right at Washington.

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  1. I went to the Museum of Art website and found a treasure trove of information! I didn't know the Stevens-Duffield house story, but I remember going to the Corbett House during Christmas when it is lavishly decorated. Thanks again for this tour!