20 May 2016

Tucson in 1775 ~

Here we are in the heart of downtown Tucson ~ with modern skyscrapers looming over this adobe structure. El Presidio marks the beginning of the modern settlement of Tucson. It was built as necessary protection from Apache attacks. Walking around inside the Presidio is a great way to get a glimpse into Tucson's Spanish past. The lifesize mural depicting daily activities really brought the adobe structure to life for me. The building's interiors also have historical displays.

Next stop: Walk west on Washington Street to Court and we're going to visit the famous Old Town Artisans compound.


  1. Thank-You! How Fun to see...

  2. The mural is wonderful and new since I was last there...brings the place alive! And yes it is odd to see the big modern shiny white building behind, which is the Main Library!