25 May 2017

Throwback Thursday ~ Barrio Beauty Remains the Same!

25 May 2010

Tucson's Barrio Beauty ~

Here's another classic Tucson Barrio home - thick adobe walls help insulate against the intense desert heat. Tucson's barrio district (also called Barrio Historico or Barrio Libre) is a treasure trove of charming adobe homes - many date from the 1800's. Adjacent to Tucson's downtown, this small area is now a mix of private residences and offices for lawyers & other professionals.

To see other similar beauties, click on the "Barrio" label and/or the "Doorway/Entry" label below this post. Here's additional historical info: http://southwest.library.arizona.edu/barr/body.1_div.2.html


  1. I have a love affair with doorways! When I worked downtown I would take walks at lunchtime to take pictures of interesting ones. I once saw a poster that had about 25 pictures of gorgeous barrio doorways and I foolishly didn't buy it at the time! Do you recall seeing a poster like that?

    1. YES I remember that poster, too! Since we both love Tucson doorways you will be very happy to see what I have planned coming up next week. Stay tuned!!! (:

    2. Hi Elizabeth! I intend to post regular photos of the gates and doorways of my new 'hood - Civano. Today's post is some fun garage doors.