16 June 2017

Curvy Entry ~

First let me say that yes, the Tucson sky IS that blue!  I just love this gate/archway's wooden door. Check out the slight curve of the wood. Looks like it was salvaged from the Nina, Pinta, or the Santa Maria! 


  1. I can't help but love this picture and hear the beat of the band that's playing in the background (hear it? I'm sure you do!) and imagine the story it tells -- obviously the BIG guy with 2 arms coming out of his head is shaking his other arms, while the smaller guy in his shadow is bopping his slightly bulbous head...and the flat barrel cactus is shaking in rhythm! You think that doorway is an artifact from the Nina, Pinta or Santa Maria?? Well, that totally explains the Spanish Flamenco beat of the music, since they all sailed from Spain, correct? Haha!!

  2. Yep. We're all just sipping on some sangria! (: