21 April 2018

So long, farewell! Come to the Goodbye party!

It's not often that I can post a photo of something in Tucson that is scheduled for demolition. Most often I touch on that when I do my "Throwback Thursday" feature and display a photo of a mural, building, or sculpture that has disappeared. I was alerted to this mural's upcoming demise by a site follower.

Here is a striking mural in the courtyard of the Clifton Hotel on South Stone. This mural will be lost when the hotel begins an expansion plan. For more info about it, click here for the newspaper article. 

The Downtown Clifton, at 485 S. Stone Ave., will celebrate Danny Martin's mural this Saturday, April 21, at 5 p.m. The Torch Bearers and DJ Ramshur Rx will provide the music and Geronimo's Revenge food truck will be selling food. More info here

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