22 May 2011

The lot of lost cars ~

This is definitely weird. On a well traveled street and right beside a busy post office is a mostly empty lot surrounded by chain link fencing. Inside the fence a few cars are parked - maybe abandoned. This sky blue Chalmers Six has been on blocks like this for months. Is that a vintage Citroen in the background?


  1. His wallet got stolen along with his tires...

  2. They were not abandoned. The property was owned or leased by a guy that specialized in repairing cars such as these, especially Citroens. I believe the business was called 2.1 Auto, not sure, but if I recall correctly it closed down because of zoning (being that it was residential) issues with the city. The cars in the lot belonged to faithful customers, including my late father, that had to then remove and/or have their cars sold to clear the lot. I was fortunate to get close up to many of the cars because my father & the owner were friends. There is nothing in the lot now but an ElCamino which likely belongs to the current owner.