02 May 2011

Tucson Ladies' Tea Club sips again ~

For those of you who follow this site you will remember the first Tucson Ladies' Tea Club tea in January - right after the tragic shootings in Tucson. We gathered to share our thoughts and friendship during that sad time and we have continued our teas. Here is the welcoming table for our recent tea - plated chicken salads & watercress for starters. A selection of teas, blueberry scones (with whipped cream, of course!), various savory bites, assorted sweets, and... a Sally Lunn cake. For a fascinating chronicle of the origin of Sally Lunn cake & buns, click here.


  1. What a yummy, scrumptious tea! Delicious photo!

  2. Thank you for your comment! These teas ARE really yummy! Everyone who attends brings a part of the meal - nearly everything is made from scratch and we really do enjoy the meal, the tea, and the company.