15 May 2011

Tucson's wonderful YWCA - a pink marvel

I think the Tucson YWCA is one of the cheeriest buildings in Tucson. And the list is long of the wonderful programs that they offer including "Your Sister's Closet" - a volunteer-run boutique where they will help women put together an outfit for an interview. We all know that part of shining in an interview is feeling good about how you look, isn't it?

You can help by donating appropriate work clothes and they make it easy. On any Monday you just drive up and they take your donation, give you a receipt, and off you go. For more information on this service, click here. Clean your closet tonight & drop it off tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful building. A friend of mine, who used to live in Greenville, Ohio, now lives in Tucson. He probably thinks this is cool as the one in Greenville is brick but more pinkish than red.

    Cool photo...

  2. Hey Abe, Depending on the time of day & sunlight, I've seen this building look almost purple. It's definitely a eyecatcher.