02 December 2011

Tucson movie star ~

On permanent display at Tucson's Historic Train Depot, this Southern Pacific Steam Engine #1673 has a long and colorful history. Just one fun fact about it is that it appeared in the 1954 movie "Okalahoma." For info about this train and the interesting depot, click here: www.tucsonhistoricdepot.org


  1. It's so good to see what a dedicated group of people can do...I remember, as a child, seeing the locomotive decaying behind it's fence in Himmel Park and wondering about it's story. There was no marker about it's age or life. Now it is beautifully restored, and strutin' it's stuff on the internet rail line. Fantastic!!

  2. Hi Elizabeth ~ The article I read described the terrible, rusted condition it was in. I think the group that saved it really did get to it in the nick of time.