08 September 2014

Funeral parlor turned Pizza parlor ~

Previously on this site I posted photos of the then-abandoned building and remarked that it was a great looking building and wouldn't it be wonderful if someone restored it? Well, someone did and here you go.... the building was originally a funeral parlor and now it is Reilly's, a great place for gourmet pizza. The interior is beautiful with its high ceiling, sleek bar area, and interesting lighting fixtures. Do check it out when you are downtown! It's on Pennington just across from Cafe Poca Cosa.


  1. Oh my gosh, I just read the post about the spamming you've been getting! How I would love to spam a spammer until his/her inbox explodes! I hadn't been to your site in a couple of days because of life busy-ness, so I didn't know why my comments had disappeared. Hope things are back to normal now.

    Today's photos are gorgeous and I am again thrilled that downtown Tucson is re-inventing itself. I walked by this derelect building for years when working downtown and thought it would be demolished someday. But no, there are Tucson entrepeaneurs (sp) who see far beyond me. I like that they kept the name Reilly, which was the funeral parlor name.

    I know there was a huge storm today...hope you stayed safe!

  2. YES! Today's storm was one of the biggest we've had. There was simply an unbelievable amount of rain!