26 September 2014

Welcome to Mexico!

From Tucson it's easy to pop over the border to Nogales, Mexico for shopping, dining, and even sports betting. You can stroll into Mexico with no delay but you must have a passport to return to the U.S.


  1. Incredible when I think about it, but I have never been there. Lived there for 28 years. My parents would go when my siblings were younger, but two of them were teens when I was born and there were no more jump in the car and go for an adventure rides when I came along.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Kathy, Well you'll get a "mini" tour of the border in the next few days so enjoy the ride!

  3. Nothing like Mexican Vanilla for baking! I have a tiny bit left in a huge bottle that I bought in Nogales years ago. I also have several blankets bought from the men who barter with you...I'm not good at it, I always gave in to their price too easily!!

    Oh, and I've missed checking in these past couple of days, and I wanted to thank you for the Galaxy Far Far Away Flowers and their story!! Princess Leia would be proud of you :-)

    Looking forward to your Nogales mini trip photos...