11 September 2014

Tucson's Loch Ness Monster ~

I'm really not sure what to make of these creatures. At first glance they look like water creatures because of their swan like wings. And then the long neck makes me think of famous Nessie. But then the spots -- well, those are very much like giraffe markings, don't you think? So what do we have here? A garden planter that is half giraffe/half swan?


  1. Definitely weird!

  2. Reminds me of the old paper and pencil game where you would draw the first part of an animal and then fold the paper, give it to the next person to draw the middle part of an animal, fold the paper and the last person drew the last part of an animal. Nobody sees the whole animal until the paper is opened up. In this case you find: A winged giraffe with a fish tail! Somehow, someone decided that this would make a good planter. In fact there are enough of these in your picture to make a family of this mythical beast!! I have to say that most of the drawings that my friends and I made ended up in the trash can, after a good laugh...perhaps we could have made a lot of money on them with this planter idea!! Not gonna find this one in my yard...but I think the ants in the background are very cute and clever!!

  3. Wonderful story about that game - I never played that drawing game! Sounds like fun! I have to wonder if these planters were factory mistakes!!

    1. Ha! I think you've got something there...factory mistakes that might make it into someone's garden! Keep your eye out for one of them peeking over a fence!