27 January 2015

Always a good motto: Be Prepared!

Hey - you never know!


  1. Ha-ha! All I saw at first on the page was the title Be Prepared and then the many green rakes...I was going to write that if you were in the North East these should be snow shovels! Then I saw the ZOMBIES warning and I wonder...would snow shovels take out a Zombie??!! Your fault that you make my mind run in these crazy patterns!! Thank you!

  2. Well, I don't have much experience with zombies personally but I will lay claim to growing up in the town where the original "Night of the Living Dead" was filmed! (:

    1. THAT is a cool history!! I did some Googling (you know I would!) and found that fans visit the cemetery in the film and recognize some of the grave markers by name! I, who love the Halloween holiday so much, can't watch horror flicks (give me nightmares) so I've not seen "Night of the Living Dead"....have you and do you recognize the places?! I did see Kevin Costner when they were filming "Tin Cup" in Tucson, but there were (sadly) no zombies involved...haha :)

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