31 January 2015

Tucson Transformer?

You can see this remarkable sculpture as well as many others during the next two weeks at the 5th Annual Tucson Sculpture Festival. The festival starts today, January 31, and runs until February 14. It is hosted by the Drawing Studio.

Four venues are participating: The Art Gallery, Sculpture Resource Center, Moen Mason Gallery, and the Granada Gallery. For more info go to: www.thedrawingstudiotds.org or tucsonsculpturefestival2015.blogspot.com


  1. This is amazing to look at! Such expressive detail using rusted metal parts..the mohawk, the staff...he seems rather sad and holding a hand out for....what?? A can of oil like the Tin Man? This will be an amazing Sculpture Festival! I hope you can show us a few more pictures :)

  2. Yes - I had a very interesting walk-around in one of the 4 venues. Stay tuned! (: