17 December 2015

A Daring Dawn Raid ~

The javelina herd has not visited my front yard in many weeks. In fact, the chewed wee pumpkin you see here has been decorating my porch since October. This morning the herd did a hoe-down in my yard and they were about to carry off their prize when my dogs alerted me that something was definitely going on outside.

I spotted six big javelina and two little ones. I had to swat at them with a towel to finally get them to move along. They are stubborn!! And I did enjoy the irony that they were chomping on the pumpkin right beside a small metal sculpture of guess what - a little javelina!


  1. You went outside and confronted them!

  2. Oh yes! It is not the first time, either! They tramp all around and munch randomly at anything in front of their big snouts. I had to move them along. (: