01 December 2015

The pig has landed ~

In my neighborhood the season officially starts when the flying angel pig appears on my neighbor's roof. I suspect that even before the Thanksgiving leftovers are tucked into the fridge this guy is on his roof getting the house decorated. Let the season begin! If you have decorations in your neighborhood (or on your own house!) that are spectacular, fun, or funny, please send them to me and I will post them. Just tell me what part of town you live in. (:


  1. Looks like it lights up. Is the rest of the yard decorated or is it the solitary pig on the roof?

  2. Hi Kathy! It does light up and I will switch this photo out when I get that shot. It wasn't lit up when I walked by with my camera. They are working on the rest of the house but the pig is the star! (: