13 October 2016

Beyond Tucson, Beyond Borders ~ Amazing!

Today's post isn't about Tucson, per se. It's about girls and society. So if you know a girl, have a girl, were a girl, have a niece or a grandaugter or a neighbor who is a girl..... if you have friends who have girls, if you in any way at all care about stereotyping girls.... you will be impressed with the eloquence of this little girl.  I stumbled on this today because a friend has this short video posted on his FB page and I was just amazed at the way this 8-year-old girl blasts the clothing industry and society in general about gender stereotyping. She is smart and spunky.  This video has gone viral and lots of people are posting remarks about it that reveal their own squeamishness about what she says. It is definitely provocative so take a look and maybe you will say, "Wow!" too!

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