05 October 2016

Some ot the best memories are on the road ~

After WWII Americans enthusiastically took to the roadways with their trailers to explore this beautiful country. Tucson is celebrating trailer travel in the recent "Mid Century Modernism" exhibits. Here is one of the many charming trailers on display that take us back to a gentler time! And if you need a song to get into the mood to hit the road, here is one of my favorites!
Photo courtesy Susan Dodson. 


  1. WOW!! Firstly, thanks sooo much for the video link to that FABULOUS song from Disney's movie "Cars", a movie which I watched many times and own on DVD, for the desert scenery and the laughs aimed not only at kiddos, but also at the audience "of a particular age" haha! Thanks Susan, for providing this blog idea by going to the Modernism Exhibit of vintage, yummmy trailers...NOW here's a link that I'm sure you both, Dianne and Susan will enjoy -- check out the whole site because there's a video snugged in there!...http://theshadydell.com/

    1. I love the Shady Dell. I've never stayed there but photographed it a few years ago.

    2. "A few years ago" is too long --- Sounds like a perfect reason for a Road Trip!!